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“Deep is your longing for the land of your memories and the dwelling–place of your greater desires”.
Gibran Khalil Gibran,
“The Prophet”.

In Lebanon, ancient land where the Orient and Occident meet, history has left us remarkable treasures. The National Heritage of Lebanon is a testimony to the ingenuity, creativity and resilience of civilizations past. In over 6000 years of history, these civilizations have shaped the environment we live in today and continue to influence many aspects of our lives.

Our natural and cultural heritage is distinguished by its exceptional universal worth. Several of its sites have already been added to the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. In addition to vandalism and the theft of archeological and artistic artifacts, these monuments had long been subject to deterioration caused by erosion from atmospheric pollution, negligence and the vicious and brutal exploitation of natural resources during the civil war.

The year 1990 marked the return of peace to Lebanon which allowed the creation of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the protection, promotion and restoration of the Lebanese Heritage with the aim to preserve this invaluable wealth for future generations. In 1996, in order to contribute to the collective efforts in favor of the National Heritage, we founded a unifying institution which brought together an elite of men and women, historians, archeologists, culture and art lovers, all convinced of the importance of preserving and promoting mother earth’s precious heritage. 20 odd years later, the National Heritage Foundation (NHF), with the support of the Ministry of Culture, notably the Directorate General of Antiquities (DGA) and the contribution of public and private organisms, continues to strive for the preservation and the enhancement of the remains of a Lebanon past and use them as an inspiration for its future.

Mouna Haraoui


Lebanon Heritage Foundation

Who we are?

The National Heritage Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, established in 1996, and legally registered on September 20, 1996 under the number 127/ AD. It is a private institution, overseen by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee, and committed, according to its constitutive status, to promote and mobilize all means of action in favor of the safeguard of the Lebanese heritage. Financially, the Foundation is essentially supported by voluntary contributions: donations, auto-financing activities and members subscriptions.

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To advocate a better understanding of the national heritage and the dangers it faces;
To work in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture – DGA, in order to contribute to the restoration and conservation of sites and buildings of archaeological and historical significance;
To preserve, develop and revive the artistic and cultural heritage, the crafts, the traditions and customs, the natural and living heritage (flora and fauna, open spaces, green areas and forests);
To rehabilitate the overlooked and undervalued sites and crafts of the national heritage;
To attribute a social function to the cultural and natural heritage, as well as to its values that are essential to the collective memory;
To encourage and finance studies, research and publications that will encourage people to better value their heritage and develop specific strategies for its conservation and protection;

To organize cultural activities and artistic events and to initiate awareness campaigns targeted at the general public and particularly students.