Encounter of Cultures

The National Heritage Foundation/Museum Committee organized this cultural forum in downtown, Beirut, on October 2001, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, on the occasion of the IXth Francophone Summit which was held a year later in Beirut, on October 2002.

Participants to this highly successful forum: The Lebanese National Library Foundation, the Arab Foundation for Photos, Michel Chiha Foundation, Nadia Tuéni Foundation, the New Oriental Editions Paul Geuthner and the Municipalities Libraries.

The program of this event comprised a presentation on: the future project of a National Library, a first presentation of documentary films “A la Découverte du Musée”, an exhibition of “Photographic Practices in Lebanon”, an exhibition of a whole collection of archeological sculptures by two French artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, and many conferences crowned by the conference of H. E Mr. Ghassan Tuéni “Evelyne Bustros and Independence”.